The New Projectionists: VJing, AV Performance and Post-cinematic Projection

Vivid Projects

Saturday 24 February 2018

This event was a collaboration between us and Lighttouch Festival. It consisted of panel talks and performances about VJing, live cinema and audio-visual performance. The symposium brought together academics, artists and VJs to discuss the role of projection in their work, and the current state of AV performance in the UK. A number of thematically focussed panel talks were followed by an evening of AV performances and ending with a VJ Jam until late. Running in parallel at Vivid Projects were a number of projection-based installations.

Speakers/artists included: Holotronica (Stuart Warren-Hill of Hexstatic) Toby Harris (*spark), Rebecca Smith (Urbanprojections), Miri Kat, Antonio Roberts, Raquel Meyers, Rod Maclachlan, Guy Edmonds, Blanca Regina, Richard Wallace, Flatpack Film Festival, Sean Clarke (Test Card Manchester).