'Sounds of the Projection Box' Released on Vinyl and Digital

Germany 2018

In 2016 and 2017 our team member Michael Pigott (as Michael Lightborne) recorded and documented the shifting sonic texture of the cinema projection box. Few cinemas retained the capacity to project 35mm film alongside digital, and it was in some of these remaining boxes that Lightborne captured the persistent sounds of analogue projection.

The album was developed as part of The Projection Project. A special issue of the Journal of British Cinema and Television (Vol 15, No 1, 2018), edited by members of The Projection Project includes an article entitled Sounds of the Projection Box: Liner Notes for a Phonographic Method , which augments this album, and elaborates upon the theoretical and methodological rationale for the use of sonic field recording as a mode of enquiry.

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Sounds of the Projection Box

Side A

1. The thing
2. Making up the thing
3. Breaking down the thing
4. Lacing and Rolling Rear Window (error correction)

Side B

1. Hyde Park electromagnetic
2. The noise
3. Manual rewind
4. The Electric
5. The tower (death rattle)
6. Digital light